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Uganda Ministry of Health Lifts Covid-19 Travel Restrictions The MoH has suspended the requirement for a 72-hour negative PCR test certificate for all incoming and outbound travellers fully vaccinated unless it is a requirement of the destination country or the carrier airline. No mandatory testing on arrival is required. New Travel Restrictions The new Ministry of Health directive (April 26, 2022) has the following travel restrictions lifted: Mandatory covid testing on arrival was suspended since February 16, 2022, and it still holds. All inbound and outbound travellers will be required to show proof of complete COVID-19 vaccination, except for travellers aged five years and below. The requirement for a negative PCR test done 72 hours pre-boarding for all incoming and outbound travellers is suspended for those fully vaccinated. There is an exception for outbound if it is a requirement of the destination country or the carrier airline. Travellers with partial or no vaccination will be required to present a negative PCR test done within 72 hours of travel, except travellers below five years. Fully vaccinated individuals will NOT be required to wear face masks when outdoors, provided there are NO crowds. Wearing a facemask when one is indoors or in closed spaces like public transport, shops, schools, and office where 2 meters distance cant be observed with other individuals, is required whether one is vaccinated or not. The Vulnerable or high-risk population, i.e. elderly aged 50 years and above and people living with co-morbidities irrespective of age, are advised to wear a facemask at all times whether they are vaccinated. Mandatory screening of visitors for Covid symptoms like temperature and colds will till continue to identify COVID carriers. You will be required to wear a facemask and keep a ten-meter distance when viewing the great apes in Uganda’s rainforests. All Uganda visas are processed online at No visa processing at entry points. You’ll need a six months valid passport and yellow fever vaccination certificate to be allowed entry. Find other details at Uganda Visa Requirements.

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Discover the Pearl of Africa – Women Tours in Uganda | Gorilla Tours
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20 Dec

Discover the Pearl of Africa


Nestled in the heart of East Africa, Uganda is a country of breathtaking landscapes, diverse wildlife, and warm hospitality. Known as the “Pearl of Africa,” this hidden gem offers a unique and enriching experience for travelers seeking adventure, cultural immersion, and natural beauty. Here are ten compelling reasons why Uganda should be at the top of your travel bucket list.

Gorilla Trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest: Uganda is home to almost half of the world’s remaining mountain gorillas, and Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is one of the best places to encounter these majestic creatures. Gorilla trekking provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to observe these gentle giants in their natural habitat, creating unforgettable memories. Bwindi not only provides a majestic view of these giants, but also a home of different bird species like the green breasted pitta which is one of the rarest bird species in Africa and also a home of over 350 species and of which 14 of them are not recorded elsewhere in Uganda there becoming the best destination for the bird lovers. its also a home of over 100 mammal species and also other primates for example the L’hoest monkeys, the black and white colobus monkeys, the red colobus which are known as the drunken monkey and the favorited food for chimpanzees among others as you move through the mist you can easily spot such of these animals and primates. Janice tours can help you achieve a memorable tour through Bwindi impenetrable.

Murchison Falls National Park: Nestled with in the heart of Uganda, Murchison falls stands as a testament to the raw, unbridled beauty of nature. This iconic waterfall, located within Murchison falls national park is a captivating spectacle that draws adventurers and nature enthusiasts from around the globe. Murchison falls also known as Kabalega falls, is a breath taking nature wonder situated on the Victoria Nile River. the falls derive their name from Sir Rodrick Murchison, a 19th century Scottish geologist. the park, which spans over 3800sq kilometers being the largest and oldest national park in Uganda, provides a sanctuary for a diverse array of wildlife, creating an immersive experience for visitors. the falls are characterized by a powerful cascade where the Nile River is funneled through through a narrow 7 meter gorge, creating a thunderous roar and a mesmerizing display of water force. the sight of the water plunging down into the chasm below is awe inspiring, leaving an indelible mark on those fortunate enough to witness it. beyond the captivating falls, Murchison falls national park boasts an incredible array of wildlife. visitors have the chance to encounter iconic African species such as elephants, giraffes, lions, and myriad of bird species. the park diverse ecosystem, including savannahs, woodlands and river banks, contribute to the rich biodiversity that thrives within its boundaries. Embarking on a Safari with us at Murchison falls national park is an immersive experience that allows visitors to witness the untamed beauty of the African wilderness. Game drives offer the opportunity to encounter wildlife in their natural habitats, while boat safaris along the Nile River provides a unique perspective of the falls and its surroundings. for those seeking a more active adventure, a hike to the top of Murchison falls is a must. the trek provides panoramic views of the Nile as it forces its way through the narrow gorge, offering a perspective that complements the experience of seeing the falls from the river below. Murchison falls more than just a water fall, its a testament to the raw power and beauty of the natural world. Whether marveling at the falls themselves, embarking on a safari, or contributing to conservation efforts, visitors 

Queen Elizabeth National Park: This park is a biodiversity hotspot, showcasing diverse ecosystems ranging from savannah and wetlands to forests. It is a home to a stunning array, Queen Elizabeth National Park boasts an impressive list of inhabitants. From the iconic African Elephant and elusive leopard to the playful hippos that inhabit the Ishasha River, the park offers a safari experience like no other. the famous tree climbing lions of Ishasha are rare sight, adding a touch of mystique to the adventure. Take a safari to spot the famous tree-climbing lions, elephants, and an array of bird species. The boat cruise on the Kazinga Channel offers a unique perspective of wildlife along the water’s edge. the avid bird watchers Queen is a paradise with over 609 bird species. The birding experience is particularly enchanting around Mweya peninsula and Kyambura Gorge. Spot the regal African fish eagle, the prehistoric looking shoebill stork, and the kaleidoscope of colorful sunbirds. Venture into the depth of Kyambura Gorge, where lush vegetation surrounds you on all sides. This is the realm of the chimpanzees. tracking these intelligent primates through the experience, offering glimpses into their social structures and behaviors. Queen Elizabeth National Park beckons adventures to explore its untamed beauty and witness the harmonious dance of the nature. Whether its thrilling safari, a serene boat cruise or an immersion, the park promises an unforgettable journey into the heart of Uganda’s wilderness

The Rwenzori Mountains: For those seeking a hiking adventure, the Rwenzori Mountains, also known as the Mountains of the Moon, provide a challenging yet rewarding experience. Discover stunning alpine scenery, glaciers, and unique flora and fauna as you ascend to the highest peaks.

Lake Bunyonyi: Often referred to as the “Switzerland of Africa,” Lake Bunyonyi is a tranquil and picturesque lake surrounded by rolling hills. Explore the 29 islands, each with its own story and charm, and enjoy activities like canoeing, bird watching, and cultural encounters with the local communities.

Cultural Diversity: Uganda is a melting pot of cultures, with over 50 indigenous tribes. Immerse yourself in the vibrant traditions, music, dance, and rituals of communities such as the Baganda, Acholi, and Karamojong. Visit local markets, attend cultural events, and engage with the warm and welcoming people.

Jinja and the Source of the Nile: Adventure seekers will find excitement in Jinja, the adrenaline capital of East Africa. Experience white-water rafting on the Nile, bungee jumping, and quad biking. Explore the source of the Nile, where the river begins its journey northward, and enjoy the scenic beauty of the surroundings.

Bird Watching Paradise: Uganda boasts an incredible diversity of bird species, making it a paradise for bird watchers. With over 1,000 species, including the elusive shoebill stork, birding enthusiasts can explore various habitats, from wetlands and forests to savannahs.

A shoebill (Balaeniceps rex) stork standing surrounded by plants and waiting.

Sipi Falls: Tucked away in the foothills of Mount Elgon, Sipi Falls is a series of three stunning waterfalls surrounded by lush greenery. Hike through the beautiful landscapes, enjoy panoramic views, and experience the hospitality of the local communities.

Warm Hospitality and Safe Environment: Uganda is renowned for its warm and friendly people who are eager to share their culture and stories with visitors. The country has a reputation for being safe and welcoming, making it an ideal destination for solo travelers, families, and adventurers alike. Uganda, with its rich biodiversity, cultural diversity, and warm hospitality, offers a travel experience no other. From the misty mountains to the serene lakes, this East African gem has something to   captivate every traveler’s heart. Embark on a journey to discover the beauty and warmth that make Uganda the Pearl of Africa.



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